Davi Bock's home page

Davi Bock
Lab Head, (Fellow), Janelia Farm Research Campus
Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Here is a description of my work. Details can be found in:

Network anatomy and in vivo physiology of visual cortical neurons (cover article)
Davi D. Bock, Wei-Chung Allen Lee, Aaron M. Kerlin, Mark L. Andermann, Greg Hood, Arthur W. Wetzel, Sergey Yurgenson, Edward R. Soucy, Hyon Suk Kim & R. Clay Reid
Nature 471, 177-182 (10 Mar 2011), doi:10.1038/nature0980277

We are making our 10 TB image data set freely available. So far these organizations are hosting it:
- CCDB, with web-based browser to 1/8th scale of the full series. (URL temporarily down; will go live later tonight.)
- Johns Hopkins University, sample data . They have also put a web browser for the complete, full-resolution data set online, via openconnectome.org. (The browser is CATMAID, a very interesting project in its own right.)

Please feel free to get in touch if you are doing a project with the data and have any questions.

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